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Service Policies:


Lawn mowing starts on the 1st week of April and continues through the 1st week of November (weather permitting). Lawn mowing services are done weekly or biweekly only and renew automatically from season to season until you cancel.

We make every effort to mow your lawn always on the same day of the week. That should also help you keep track of our services since we do not leave notes nor call clients prior to weekly or biweekly scheduled cuts.

Please note that once you sign up for weekly mowing, we should not always have to make the decision of whether or not your yard needs mowing. If you wish to skip a scheduled weekly mowing, make sure that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Clients do not need to be present during service calls but are responsible for granting us access to their lawn during our business hours – that includes leaving your gate unlocked on your mow day.

Clients are responsible for the removal of any objects such as toys, furniture, pet waste, large rocks, etc. These items can cause serious damage to our workers, equipment, and your property. In addition, please keep all pets secured and outside of our work area.

Silvestre Lawn Care, LLC shall not be held liable for damage to items on or below the lawn surface which are not clearly visible or marked such as cables, wires, pipes or sprinkler components.


Please keep in mind that rainy days can interfere considerably with our schedule. If we are unable to complete your service due to a heavy rain all day, we will adjust the rest of the week’s schedule by one day so that we will service all remaining lawns the day after their scheduled day. If it rains for 2 or more days in the same week, we might need to skip your house that week to avoid damaging your lawn. Please do not water your lawn on your service day. Wet grass can cause clumping and streaking.


Invoices are normally emailed at the end of every month with payment due within 7 days from the date the invoice was issued. Clients can choose to pay their bill online with a credit card (fee applies)  transfer with Zelle or send us a check in the mail.

There is a $35.00 fee for all returned checks.

Silvestre Lawn Care, LLC reserves the right to suspend services if payments are not made on time.


Any additional work requested by the client such as bush/hedge trimming, mulching, weeding, etc. will be quoted and performed separately from regular lawn mowing and will be added to the invoice when completed.


If you notice any problems or are not satisfied with your service, we ask that you please contact us on the same day so we can address your concerns immediately.

Our business hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

If you need to speak to us after our business hours, please email us at


Thank you!

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